Kwekerij Bergcamp was founded in 1995 after the former company, Bergplant, had to make way for industrial development and the company’s second largest activity, cultivating lettuce plants, was no longer feasible. Since the company had also been growing potted plants at the site since 1980, it was decided to focus on this segment.

Kwekerij Bergcamp is a real family business that specialises in cultivating flowering potted plants. The first location at Oudecampsweg 11 in De Lier has now become a modern production company. In 2006, new premises were built opposite the existing location on the Oudecampsweg.

The site on the Hoogweg was purchased in 2013 and the cultivation of Campanula started in the same year. Unfortunately, Teun passed away rather suddenly in 2014. The company is now run by sons Robert and Walter van den Berg, together with a team of enthusiastic and committed employees.


The van den Berg family has a long history in the horticulture sector. In 1965, the family started to specialise in vegetables at the Leeweg in De Lier. Wim van den Berg cultivated grapes in his own greenhouse. He also grew cauliflower under cold frames, and was assisted by his children. The family started growing lettuce in addition over the years that followed, with Wim’s sons (Wim/Piet and Teun van den Berg) managing the new activities.

Bergsla operated as a business from 1975 to 1996, using dozens of hectares to cultivate and sell lettuce. The company not only cultivated its own lettuce, but also cultivated lettuce for other growers. This involved selecting new lettuce varieties from America. The most famous variety to be produced was iceberg lettuce. Besides Bergsla, Wim and Teun van den Berg founded a company called Bergplant in 1980. Bergplant specifically focused on potted plants, initially only cultivating geraniums but also adding cyclamens at a later stage. Bergsla closed its doors in 1996 due to increasing imports and tougher competition. Bergplant relocated from the Leeweg to the Oudecampseweg because the company had to make way for industrial development. The ‘Bergplant’ name was changed to “Kwekerij Bergcamp” after the relocation.