The cyclamens supplied by Kwekerij Bergcamp have been cultivated so consumers can keep them for as long as possible. They require ample light but should not be placed immediately next to heat sources like wood-burning stoves or in direct sunlight. If the flowers begin to wilt, place the plant in a dish/sink in shallow water. You may need to do this once or twice a week. Remove any dead flowers and leaf stems from the bulb. This will give all other buds under the leaves a chance to blossom. You can encourage cyclamens to blossom by removing all dead flowers. Cyclamens are also ideal for growing outdoors, except for the  Merengue, which only thrives indoors.


Our passion is to realise top quality products all throughout the season.


Our company and cyclamen activities have been described above, along with suggestions for ways in which the consumers can use the products.