The cyclamen’s cheerful colours help to create a sense of joy. We are able to offer a wide range of Super Series cyclamens from the summer to early spring. After selecting specific genetic properties, we are able to cultivate strong cyclamens in 10.5 cm pots. Our range features over 20 varieties and specials, such as Merengue, Davincy, Fuji, Dip and cyclamens that have a particular appeal.
Here is a snapshot of our range.

Bergcompact mix

Pot size: 10.5 cm
Load: 40×8/48×6/32×8
Packaging code: 498/206/814
Delivery week: 26 to 12

Merengue (gefranjerd)

Pot size: 10.5 cm
Load: 32×8/48×6
Packaging code: 814/206
Delivery week: 34 to 12

Violet Dip New!!

Patio mix

Bergcompact purple

Davincy White

Bergcompact white

Fuji mix

Bergcompact pink

Duo basket mix