Products with a fantastic story

Asante Sana is an African product and literally means “Thank you very much”.

By selling Geraniums as potted products, we not only give consumers great looking plants but also support an important project that benefits the Kenyan population. All profits go to the Kenyan population, and children in particular, because there, too, children are the future.

We are very pleased with the products (cuttings) they produce for us and are proud of the employees, who work very hard in the greenhouses to create a better life for themselves and their families. They do not have access to the basic amenities and necessities of life that all of us take for granted, such as sufficient food, education, medical care and a safe living environment.

Together with you, we are doing something to address this. Through this non-profit arrangement, all profits are used to help children who live near the greenhouses.

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asanta sana