We are one of the 15 growers in the Addenda® Growers Association. We bring Canpanula and Hebe onto the market via garden centres and florists. Thanks to their characteristics, they are able to meet the wishes of a wide range of consumers. Are you creative or traditional? Do you love versatility? Or do your prefer tranquillity? Whatever your lifestyle, you will always find a suitable plant in our comprehensive range. We focus on plants with the strongest Campanula genes, which are then used to cultivate a wide range of varieties, including Ambella and Adansa.

The Ambella

Each Campanula grown by Addenda has its own identity and appearance. The Ambella is a reliable outdoor plant but also does really well indoors. It is compact and spherical and blossoms from the centre to the outer edges. The flowers are truly unique. Take a closer look at them. They are star shaped and their long stems make them look like little bells. Hence the name Ambella®. They are available in purple and off white. We are currently working on a pure white version. We are also looking into creating a mix of two colours, such as lilac or pink. This means you will be able to create some fantastic flower arrangements!

The Adansa

This is a slightly broader variety. Whereas the Ambella® is predictable and tranquil, the Adansa® is very lively and can grow in any direction. But both can be used very effectively in mixed borders. Excitement guaranteed! The Adansa® is aptly named due to the bouncy nature of its long vines. This makes it ideal for creative gardens. It blossoms from the outside in; so first the vines and then the core. The flower is shaped like an open star and has a short stem. Colours: dark blue (bordering lilac), pink and blue/white.